Macedonia, our 13th country, is a land-locked country in the western Balkans.  It was formerly part of Yugoslavia, gaining independence in 1991.  We entered on the eastern side and plan a ride along the southern edge to the resort lake of Ohrid.  We will only be in Macedonia for a week or so but hope to get idea of what life here is all about.  The flag here is quite interesting, looking like the old Japanese rising sun flag, but with red and yellow – see the banner above.

31 May 2012 – Day 420 – Into Macedonia at Strumica
1 June 2012 – Day 421 – Macedonia wildflower day to Kavadarci
2 June 2012 – Day 422 – A sunny Macedonian day to Bitola
3 June 2012 – Day 423 – EU musings in Bitola
4 June 2012 – Day 424 – Up and down day to Ohrid
5 June 2012 – Day 425- Wet day in Ohrid
6 June 2012 – Day 426 – Three lake day to Debar

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