Bulgaria is our 12th country and first foray into the Balkan states.  We know little about Bulgaria and look forward to learning a bit about the country.  Bulgaria extends all the way to the Black Sea and deep into the Balkans.  We entered near Edirne, Turkey and are planning to ride fully across the country, exiting in Macedonia.  This trip was probably not possible when Nancy and I were growing up as Bulgaria was part of the Soviet bloc so waiting to do this trip until we entered our 50s has worked out, at least for Bulgarian travel.  Though we may have a different view once we hit the mountains!

22 May 2012 – Day 411 – Three countries in one day, to Svilengrad
23 May 2012 – Day 412 – Down day in Svilengrad
24 May 2012 – Day 413 – Nice ride in the Bulgarian countryside to Haskovo
25 May 2012 – Day 414 – Bulgaria gets better riding to Plovdiv
26 May 2012 – Day 415 – Wet day in Plovdiv
27 May 2012 – Day 416 – The rain falls mostly in Pazardzhir, Bulgaria
28 May 2012 – Day 417 – Dodging showers to Velingrad
29 May 2012 – Day 418 – Nice ride in the Bulgarian mountains to Bansko
30 May 2012 – Day 419 – 10,000 miles to Sandanski

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