One year ago to the day …

16 DECEMBER 2018

Meet Leonie Katekar, touring cyclist and grand adventurer!

She’s an Aussie, about our age and riding the ride of her life. She started in Guatemala in June and has just left the famous Pink House in Patagonia. Before she stated her trip, she found our blog and got in touch with us via email.

We shared lots of trip information and tips, including our nightly lodging notes. She has stayed in many of the places that we stayed and it has been great fun to see pictures of the places we passed through on our trip and to read her stories of adventures down south. This time someone else is doing the hard yards while we view it from our armchairs.  For this, we are grateful to Leonie as it has let us re-live the trip one day at time, vicariously through her.

We stayed in the famous Pink House (well, famous to cyclists touring in Patagonia, anyway) on 14 December 2018. Leonie stayed there on 14 December 2019. We wrote on the wall, as you do as a touring cyclist staying in these places. We were super excited when Leonie posted the photo below in her facebook page. Our trip lives on – thanks Leonie!

Leonie is riding for a very good cause – she’s riding to fight cancer. You can follow her trip at the address below. And if you are so inclined, she has an easy donate here link.

Roll on Leonie!

Pink house - leonie


2 thoughts on “One year ago to the day …

  1. Hello, I met Andy Irvine in Sidney, BC Canada in Oct. 2019 as he was completing his Brazil to Vancouver, BC trip. He inspired me to read his blog “Team Pie Tour, Americas” which I thoroughly enjoyed. In his blog he wrote of meeting you and posted your site information. I have so enjoyed reading your blogs, first your 2011/2012 trip and this evening just finished reading your Alaska to Argentina adventures. My hat is off to you both for your dedication to your goal and your perseverance in completing it. The photos were stunning, amusing, inspiring and gave an insight into places I can only imagine. Often I found I was bleary eyed as I just wanted to read one more post and one more post to see what the next adventure would be! I have enthusiastically shared your site information with many friends. Thank you for allowing me and many others to be arm chair travelers/companions in your experiences.
    Blessings and safe travels. Hazel Phillips

    • Hi Hazel – wow, thanks for the nice note. We started our blogs a long time ago, so we’d have a record of the trips and more importantly, to keep our mothers informed. To have random strangers find them worth reading is flattering, if not somewhat surprising. We’re off again next summer for a top to bottom of Japan trip – if Nancy can get her Japanese language skills brushed off enough that is 🙂 Thanks again!

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