Rio Tranquilo relaxing

(December 2 – written by “10K Dave”)

We’ve had a quiet day here in Rio Tranquilo.  We got some important chores done however.  Nancy’s Rohloff shift lever has been sticking, so we worked on that.  My watch band broke the other day so we MacGyver’d that back together.  We studied the history of Rio Tranquilo – there is almost no history to Rio Tranquilo, I can’t even find a founding date.  It has somewhere from 300 to 500 residents, and at least 300 to 500 tourists from round the world on a summer day.

We had a bit of walk around and took some photos.  No stunning mountain photos today.  More photos that make you go huh?

First up, a church with a giant old satellite dish complete with Mike Ditka (famous Chicago Bears coach).  This is visible from our cabana window.  No wait, getting a closer look, it appears to be an image of a famous local padre – woops sorry about that.  Anyway, if you search the internet, you’ll this same photo in stock photo catalogues for sale – $20 to $200 USD – depending on how you use it.  Feel free to use my image for free.

Church with Mike dish

Free to use without restrictions 

The next photo is all about me, that is, “10K Dave”.  Wandering we found a secret hidden message in the sign board for one of the cabanas in town.  Yes, this “10K Dave” thing is really trending.  Now, if I could only figure out what twitter is and how I might get hashtag-10kDave set-up.  If only, nearly famous.

10K Dave


The next photo is of the town cemetery.  If you don’t look too close, you’d be forgiven thinking that it was an aerial view of the real town.  It’s kind of a creepy, but interesting, place to explore and photograph here in Rio Tranquilo.

Town Cemetary

Oh to be a door to door salesman here…

We don’t have a photo of the one of the major natural attractions here in Rio Tranquilo – that is, the so-called “marble caverns.”  They are rock formations caused by erosion, wind and water, out on the far side of Lago General Carrera.  It was pretty windy today, I was not overly excited about a soaking boat ride out to the caves and Nancy had less than zero interest – bouncy boats are not her thing.  So instead, I’ve included a photo of one of the booking agents – just in case our blog readers want to make the trek (but really, you don’t need this because every “man on the street” will approach you and offer you a secret boat ride to the caves).

Guide house 2

Pick me, pick me, pick me – everyone here is selling tours

Next up, I’ll share a wood carving from the Plaza de Armas – three people on a boat.  One man standing rowing forward (standing a row boat is rarely a good idea).  One man, also standing, at the back of the boat trying to change the boat’s course by yelling and pointing.  One woman, not standing, in the middle of the boat just hoping that the two men will stop fighting over the boat’s direction and not wreck everything.  Why this reminds me of the real world today, I’m not sure.  (This just in, G20 Argentina leaders’ photo includes 33 men and 2 women – hmmmm).

Wrong way fellas


And how about a swing-set with the best view in the world?  Oh, to be a kid growing up in Patagonia.

Swing with a view

It’s cold water if your dismount gets you that far

So, tomorrow, we head south.  We have two days to reach Cochrane.  We’ll have no internet tomorrow night.  We will probably switch in Cochrane from Movistar to Entel as our mobile provider.  Entel seems to be what the locals use in these parts.  Maybe south of Cochrane we’ll have some connectivity – or maybe not.  We’ll survive, after all, that’s how we used to tour all the time.  And naturally, someone now known as “10k Dave” will be more than happy to use Entel as a mobile carrier.  If you cover just a wee bit of the Entel logo, Entel becomes Ertel.  How cool is that!


My kind of phone carrier


Ok, I lied, one mountain photo for today – sorry

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