Contrast day –Manhattan Beach to Dana Point (102k/6494k)

(September 27 – written by Dave)

Today was a day of contrasts.  We left our Air B&B and the million dollar neighbourhood making our way down past more million dollar homes before turning into Torrance.  Torrance is not on the beach and not nearly as fancy.  Pubs here are no longer called “Sunset” or “Pacific View”.  Now they called things like Crow’s Nest and Monty’s Place.  Torrance isn’t rough but it’s not flash either.


Or as we’d sy in Oz – Crowie

From Torrance, we rode through some residential neighbourhoods in Carson.  We had several streets of 1950 single story homes, all the same, but all a little different.  They were right on top of each other and generally in pretty good nick.  If Torrance was a hard town, Carson was blue collar.  Both of them were nothing like the beach arts of LA.

From Carson we rode through the oil refinery area of Long Beach – lots of big trucks, train cars and petroleum smells.  And yet another complete change in scenery.

Gas refinery

Long Beach refinery

As we left the refineries, we crossed the LA River and entered the worst neighbourhood of the day.  It wasn’t a neighbourhood really.  More just a bike path along the riverside dikes.  The river is not anything close to pristine near the refineries but some folks still call it home – or maybe I should say “call it homeless”.  Every 100 metres of so we would see a random collection of shopping carts, blue tarps and cardboard.  Nothing smelled or looked nice – it is really a hard life for some folks, and it is a reminder to us that we are lucky to be able to do this ride.

LA River

Oil sheen and smell missing from photo

As we moved down river, toward the port, the water cleared up, became deeper and tarp homes disappeared.  Enter Long Beach proper and the world of luxury boats.  The biggest one calling Long Beach home is of course the Queen Mary but there are actually thousand of boats and marinas in every direction.  The worries of the homeless were only a few miles off, but a million miles away.

Long Beach port

Moving down river to the port area

Queen Mary

Long Beach Port – Queen Mary

Long Beach Lighthose

Long Beach lighthouse

Leaving Long Beach, we rode along the coast the rest of the day, through Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Laguna and a few other fancy suburbs.  What they lack in yachts, they make up for in gated, razor wire communities.  If you see a car leaving one of these places and it doesn’t say Ferrari, Maserati or Bentley, then it is probably a gardener or maid.

Near Launa 3

Huntington Beach area

Nancy and lunch in Huntington Beach

On the Huntington Beach Strand for lunch

Huntington Beach Pier

Huntington Beach Pier

We were riding touring bikes in Lycra, with big panniers, so we don’t really fit into any of the varied communities that we travelled through today.  In fact, it’s pretty easy to feel like an outsider the entire time if you think about it very much.  We won’t value judge any of the different lifestyles – People live in different places and different ways for many different and complex reasons.  For me, today was like riding through a life-size museum where each neighbourhood is a giant diorama of “how people of type X live”.  Back when I was a kid in Northern Nevada, the dioramas were of Paiute Indians, now they are of “haves”, “have-nots” and “have way more than they really need”.

Near Launa 2

Near Laguna

Given our lifestyle choice, we are probably closer to the “have nots” but we are lucky enough to be in that situation by choice.  And of course, we can leave our little diorama pretty much anytime we want to.  Many do not have that choice.

We are not camping tonight

We are not camping tonight

We finished the day at another wonderful Warmshowers house.  Today we’ve been hosted by Susan, Donnie and their 3 really cool dogs.  Thanks to Susie and Donnie, we don’t have to get out our blue tarp tonight (actually, our tarp is green but you get the idea).  Dana Point and Laguna have not been the friendliest places to ride but we made it here.  And for tomorrow, Donnie has given me a detailed briefing of what roads to take and avoid.  We have a short ride tomorrow to Carlsbad, then one more day to San Diego.  We aren’t far from Mexico now – how exciting.


Home is out there somewhere…

3 thoughts on “Contrast day –Manhattan Beach to Dana Point (102k/6494k)

  1. Sorry your Torrance experience was not so great. It is a busy place and there are some very nice neighborhoods. Wish I had been in town to offer a warm shower stop. Very happy you made it safely to Laguna.
    Cheers to you both.

    • Thanks Chris – it happens more often than not when travelling through somewhere (on bike or by car). You only see what’s on the roads you travel and you don’t get the full picture/story. That’s one of the reasons we like to stay with locals – you get a much more fulsome view. Sorry that we missed you – Next time perhaps 🙂

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