Mt Lassen visuals –Lassen National Park to Lake Almanor (103k/4713k)

(Written by Dave)

I’ll keep today’s post brief.  We had a stunning morning riding up to the 8,500 foot Lassen Pass, in the middle of Lassen National Park.  We had close to 3,500 feet of climbing by 11AM.  The morning was cool and the scenery was amazing.  I stopped too many times for photos but the park is so photogenic and my editor didn’t mind the breaks.  Below is a sampling of the day’s images from the park.

Nancy at Mt Lassen summit 1

Nancy at the top

Mt Lassen in the morning 9

Morning mountain

Mt Lassen in the morning 2

Nancy climbing in the AM

Mt Lassen and Nancy 1

Nancy again but with one of the other peaks in the park

Mt Lassen and King Creek meadow 1

Nearer the top, King Creek Meadow and Mt Lassen

Mountain meadow 1

August wildflowers

Leaning Rock 2

Leaning rock

Us at Mt Lassen summit 2

Us at the top

Lake Helen 5

Helen Lake and Mt Lassen

Lake Helen 4

Helen Lake looking down

King Creek meadow

King Creek Meadow from above

King Creek meadow 1

King Creek Meadow – a good water year

Remains of old forest fire 2

Damage from a forest fire

End of day, looking way back at Mt Lassen

Last photo of Mt Lassen – from the end of the day 50 miles away – we were up there this AM

We had some 20 miles of downhill after the climb – with more photo stops as well.  Eventually we made it completely off the mountain and out of the park.  We refused to pay $16 USD for a yogurt in the park but it didn’t matter as it was really 16 miles down to our lunch stop at Highlands Ranch Resort.

We had a hot 23 miles to reach our destination for the night.  It was quite hot now but we could smell the resort.  We have exciting news in that Inge recovered enough to drive Pete up to ride with us.  We are staying with them tonight in the swanky Plumas Pines Resort.  Tomorrow Inge will head back to Carson City by car and Pete will ride with us for the next 3 days.

I’ve known Pete for almost 50 years and we have a great time together.  I’m not sure it’s all that fair on Nancy to not have Inge here as well but Pete and I will try not reverting to 4th grade humor too many times.  Wish us (and Nancy) well.

One thing we don’t have to worry about tomorrow is looking for my California license plate souvenir – that is because I found one today.  And even more exciting, it was a trailer plate and a permanent one at that.  So the next time I have to be on the lookout for roadside plates is in Nevada.

Dave and his soveviner

Tomorrow we head to Graeagle – we’ve gotten Pete sorted on the mileage (so much for his master spreadsheet and navigational duties 🙂 ) – will get an early start.  Inge is going to carry our bags for the day so it will be another real treat for us riders.  Thanks for driving up Inge and keep those positive comments coming in the blog!


And then there were three!

8 thoughts on “Mt Lassen visuals –Lassen National Park to Lake Almanor (103k/4713k)

    • So far on this trip it is the highest. We’ll have some higher passes further south in California, and then of course in the Andes! Our highest to date is Hoosier Pass on our cross-country trip – it was about 11,500 ft.

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