Day 0 Sydney to Newcastle – mostly by train

Written by Dave

We’ve made it to the start.  That’s always a good sign.

We're off

Photo by Harry-san

After photos by Harry (our concierge), we headed for the train station and 2+ hours of Xmas Eve train riding joy.  It was almost as exciting as we had hoped.  The train was packed and there really wasn’t room for our bikes.  Somehow we got them on.  Then we played the touring bike shuffle every time someone wanted off or to visit the toilets or just to go visit “their cousins” in the next car (yes all 5 squeezed by and the 10 came back the other way – must have been a big mob).  While there is no drinking allowed on the train, that didn’t stop a few folks – meaning that they ultimately needed more trips to the loo.  We were quite excited to make it to Newcastle – mainly because we could get off the train.

Dave's view on the train

Dave’s view on the train – nice

Because it’s Xmas Eve, we got a hotel here in Newcastle.  We are staying at the Ibis budget hotel, complete with its own bathroom pod.  Nancy is impressed with my selection.  We wandered the waterfront and found a pub with a view for dinner.  Not a lot open, though the Hillsong Church across the road from the hotel seems to be packing them in.  Since this is barely a proper day one, I’ll leave it there, posting some pictures to fill in the blanks.


Newcastle old and new

Old and new Newcastle buildings

Newcastle waterfront 4

Young love on the Newcastle waterfront

Newcastle waterfront 3

Newcastle waterfront

Newcastle waterfront 8

Newcastle waterfront

Newcastle waterfront 2

Newcastle waterfront

Tomorrow the banquet brekkie starts at 7AM.  Nancy is keen for a lie-in.  Me, I’m keen to be there early to get the eggs while they are fresh.  We’ll see how it plays out.  On the schedule for tomorrow is 80k to Singleton, northwest from here.  Forecast for mostly sunny skies – really excited to get the touring bikes rolling again.

12 thoughts on “Day 0 Sydney to Newcastle – mostly by train

  1. Looking forward to reading your daily logs. Have a great bike tour. While you enjoy the warm weather Jonathan and I will be cross country skiing. Mt Hood has more snow thus far than the last 2 winters. We moved to Hood River this summer, bike riding is great from our new home and we are only 40 minutes from XC trails.

  2. I noticed you have different water bottle cages on the down tube to accommodate a giant water bottle. Where do get them? The co-motion bikes look good and new panniers look very nice.

  3. We received about 5 inches of snow today! A very white Christmas so no biking here (Just a spin class). Merry Christmas to you and keep the wonderful pictures and story coming!

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