Our new Co-Motion bikes finally getting a proper test.

After taking only short one or two-day trips in 2013 and most of 2014, we are finally taking a proper week-long tour before 2014 disappears over the horizon.  We are leaving Xmas Eve for the Blue Mountains, heading out as far west as Orange (wine region), then on to Mudgee (wine region) and finally over the ranges again to the Hunter Valley (yes, another wine region).  Wine is not really the theme of the trip but we are looking forward to visiting some of the nice small towns that make up the New South Wales central west.  We may have a glass of red or two as well – time will tell.

In the old days, before our world tour, week-long bike trips used to get us really excited.  We are pretty excited about this one as well but it feels so short at only ten days.  Nancy has been running around with lists of things to do all weekend – generally I’ve been trying to avoid working on her lists (Senior Editor comment – there seemed to be an inordinate amount of time spent watching cricket, playing Scrabble, visiting the new bike shop down the road, etc. by some members of the team this weekend, while others put in the hard planning work that all cycle tours require.).  The point is, 10 days or a year, it all takes about the same amount of prep – except the part about passports and winter clothes.

As we’ll be leaving on Xmas Eve, we expect to have to forage for our meals for a few days.  Australia really does shut down on Xmas.  I’m not really sure where everyone goes but lots of stores and restaurants close for 10 days or more.  We may well find full caravan parks the whole trip (answering the question of where everyone goes) but past experience says that most folks hang out on the coast so we should be ok – we’ll see.  Otherwise, we may be brushing up on our wild-camping skills!

We’ll try blogging every day but let’s see how that goes.  I’ve got a new camera but haven’t really bothered figuring out the best internet solution yet.  We’ll blog, but posting may take a day or two.

We’ve got a new tent, new bikes, new sleeping bag and new coffee maker.  And we won’t be checking work emails – what could be better?  Updates to follow…

15 thoughts on “Our new Co-Motion bikes finally getting a proper test.

  1. Hi David and Nancy

    I knew you were going to take a bike trip.. Alice keeps me informed Have a wonderful experience… you two are something no Christmas tree , I take it.. Oh well…over there it’s summer, I think and so you won’t even know it’s Christmas I didn’t buy a tree this year or get out ornaments.. not this year.. I miss my husband so much it was so good to see you both in August.. guess we timed that just right.. I probably won’t be getting to Carson any time soon as I don’t think I could drive that far Well, I am excited about some more Blogs.. I loved reading them before Have a great Holiday wherever you are and remember we love you Auntie Pat

  2. Can’t wait to hear how the bikes work out. Foraging for food reminds me of some of the survival movies I’ve seen over the years, digging for roots, putting out rabbit snares, etc. You guys are making this into a major adventure!

  3. Excellent news! Have a safe Xmas and may the creatures out in that wild leave your tent cords alone! Especially in the middle of the night!! 🙂
    Mary Jo

  4. Hi Hope ya’ll have a great trip. 

     Elaine and I are off to our new house in Denia, Spain for the month of January to sort out some things there.  Unfortunately our bikes will be left behind in Hong Kong, waiting for their turn to sort out some places in Spain later this next year.  If your peddling around the area let us know.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year     Best Regards

    And Hope You Have a Good One!

    Ken Lipofski

    Tel HK (852) 2791 1755   Cell  (852) 5536 9766 kenlipofski@yahoo.com

  5. I was wondering when we would hear from you. Good to hear you are back on tour with your new bikes. Looking forward to the blog posts.

  6. Hurray! Can’t wait to hear about your latest adventure. Pete and I hope to do some touring in 2015. Have a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year!

  7. Wow! Fantastic News – It’s great to hear you are on the road again.
    Safe Travels and Merry Christmas from French France
    Bonne Fetes

    P.S. Looking forward to the technical update already!

    • Hi John & Tracey – we are watching your blog as well – looks like you are settling in nicely en France… Will send you a separate note one of these days to see what your plans are. Joyeux Noël!

  8. “…there seemed to be an inordinate amount of time spent watching cricket, playing Scrabble, visiting the new bike shop down the road, etc. by some members of the team this weekend, while others put in the hard planning work that all cycle tours require.”

    Now that is the Dave I know!

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