Rain delay in Dingwall

(written by Dave)

This will be a quick post as we basically have done nothing all day.  When we got up the sky was darkened by storm clouds.  I hit the gents and by the time I returned it started to rain.  It then proceeded to rain on and off all morning.  We didn’t really have anywhere that we had to be and I really wanted to see Leod Castle (home of Clan Mackenzie) without rain.  It is hard to get both the camera and the LWOP senior editor out when it is bucketing rain.  The forecast for the next three days is much better so we decided to lay low.

We are now sitting in Tesco – I know cringe.  But it is one of the few places open on this Monday UK bank holiday, plus they have free internet.  Tesco doesn’t have an obvious customer useable power outlet so this post needs to be short.  We were told by the campground maintenance man that our fancy new power plug is not to be used inside a building without a circuit breaker.  He also informed us that our tent is a building.  Ok, so we don’t have power at camp now either.  At least we have the weekend papers (which are massive in the UK) to read.

So, that’s it.  Tomorrow, we’ll execute today’s plan.  It is not supposed to rain.  In fact, September is supposed to be warmer and drier.  I just read that 2012 June, July and August will be the wettest three month J/J/A in over 100 years in Great Britain.   So, a warm September is in order.  Fingers crossed.

Hello Tesco

2 thoughts on “Rain delay in Dingwall

  1. Dave,

    No coffee shops?

    Sitting in the Tescos doesn’t have the same glamor factor as most of your posts.
    That said, as every camper knows, it is probably better than spending the day in a wet tent.
    Safe travels:-)


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