Flat day in eastern Germany – Senftenberg to Zaue (82/18,883ks, 170m)

(written by Nancy) (24 July, posted 26 July)

[Sorry for the delay in posting the last couple of days.  Despite the extra hour and extra euros spent in the Vodafone shop we have not been able to get a good enough signal to do much on it, meaning were stuck with the T-Mobile sim that will not allow us to tether the phone to the laptop…  We have finally found some wi-fi at our campground today (26 July) so will post our missing entries now…]

Not much to write about today – it was a pleasant day cycling through more fields and pine forests as we continued our path northward.  We had sunny skies – even woke up to sun hitting the tent.  That hasn’t happened in quite some time.  It got quite humid last night so things were wet this morning but the sun dried it out in no time.

We continued our mix of bike paths and roads today, though probably more on roads.  Actually, in many places the designated bike routes are on the road, which usually means there is very little traffic.  We made our mandatory stop at a Germany bakery to pick up some things for lunch, which we ate sitting in a small town park around the corner from the bakery.  Then not too much later we came upon a little café serving ice cream so had another stop, seeing as how it was so sunny and all…

We have ended up at a campground on Lake Schwielochsee (actually, maybe it is just supposed to be Lake Schwieloch, as “see” means lake in German).  Anyway, it is a relatively big campground but people are pretty spread out so we have much more room than last night.  There are large pine trees everywhere so feels a bit more like being in the woods.  This campground has both a regular beach and a “FKK” beach.  We have already learned from camping in other European campgrounds that FKK means nudist area so we haven’t wandered down that way…

The funny thing about this campground is that right near the reception area is a large fenced area that holds two kangaroos!   Actually, they are wallabies but no one gets the difference anyway.  The park is actually named for Ludwig Leichhardt, a German explorer who was one of the first men to find their way across the Blue Mountains in New South Wales Australia.  He was apparently born in a small town about 6k from here.  There is supposed to be a museum in the town so perhaps we can stop by tomorrow and see it.  Our English-speaking campground worker told us that not many people really know who he is here and he wanted to know if we knew what he did in Australia so we explained the story to him.  There you go, studying for that Australian citizenship exam did have some practical uses.

Tomorrow we head toward Buckow, located on another lake, about 70k or so from here.  If we are feeling spry we might ride on a bit further.

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