Rest day in Skofja Loka

(written by Nancy)

We are taking a rest day in Skofja Loka today, enjoying the great company of Matej and his family.  We took a bike ride with Jure this morning over to Matej’s coffee shop, spent some time chatting and then took a little tour of the town.  This afternoon Dave got a lesson on Mine Games from Jure, who by the way speaks great English with no accent at only 10 years old!

Matej made a great pizza dinner for us then we headed out for a couple of errands.  We stopped by a friend’s house in the old-town area and got a chance to taste some home-made Slovenian wine (tasty) and see the inside of one of the grand old homes that they had restored.  A very nice ending to a great stay in Skofja Loka with Matej and his family.

We took our maps out last night to see what Matej’s recommendations were on what to see in Slovenia.  There are so many great places to ride here and  there is no way we can see everything.  So, we have decided to head to the western edge of the country and see the Soca River, which is supposed to be very beautiful.  From there we will head north and work our way to the Austrian border.

Tomorrow’s destination is Kobarid, not far from the Italian border, about 80k from here.  It should be another very scenic ride.  Now, off to get some sleep –

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5 thoughts on “Rest day in Skofja Loka

  1. Looks like a wonderful spot for a rest day. Very nice looking town. The picture of Nancy riding through the forest the other day was great. What a beautiful setting for a ride.

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