Turkey room review from Antalya

(written by Dave)

We didn’t do much worth a post today so we thought it would be a good chance to post a few notes and photos about our hotel room – sort of a mini review of Turkish accommodation versus other places.

To start with, it should be noted that we rarely stay in typical western business hotels.  The rooms are virtually the same worldwide and we travelled enough while working to know all we need to know about them.  That’s not to say we don’t enjoy them.  In fact we thoroughly enjoyed our 5 days of western hotel decadence when we stayed at Le Meridian in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

We’ve posted some photos of the current hotel room today but should point out that this room is larger than most we encountered in Turkey, and costs a bit more as well.  Our current hotel is in an old-town building that has 4 or 5 rooms per floor, connected by very steep stairs.  Our room has a bird theme with lots of bird pictures and bird artwork – this is a nice touch.

Generally, rooms in Turkey have been on the small side.  We can get all our bags in but we’d never have room for a third person to sleep on the floor (we don’t have this need either – just making a point).  The beds have been 50/50 single versus double beds.  Inn keepers are always willing to push the singles together but we pretty much never bother (we’ve been riding our bikes all day for crying out loud).

Bathrooms have been pretty interesting.  We’ve had mechanical flush toilets every night.  That is, no Asian squat and no bucket flush.  But that’s not to say we’ve had luxury.  Almost all of the bathrooms have been the all in one type.  That is, no separate shower stall and water everywhere.  It is always a challenge to keep the toilet paper dry and there is never a place to put our toiletry bag.  I’m also glad that neither of us is over, say 6 foot tall, as sitting on some toilets meant our knees would hit the wall, or in a couple cases, our hips bang into the toilet paper holder.  In summary, in Turkey, you can pretty much make any 4 by 4 space into a full service bathroom if you want; it just takes a little imagination.

Towels are always provided.  Mostly you get a bath towel and if you are lucky you get a hand towel per person.  You can forget about bath mats and face clothes.  The former would never stay dry anyway.  If you are staying more than one night, the best way to get fresh towels is to change hotels.  It is pretty rare that your room is cleaned on multi-night stays, much less having your towels changed.  This is better for the environment anyway so we are never fussed over towels.

Beds themselves have been ok.  Not too many uncomfortable mattresses.  We always get a bottom sheet but are running 50/50 on top sheets.  We rarely got top sheets in SE Asia, mostly terry cloth towel like blankets.  Turkey uses the SE Asia approach more often than not.  To be fair, we’ve had no bed-bugs and generally sleeping conditions have been clean.  Bug fear has yet to force us to pull out our sleeping bag liners as we had to a number of times in SE Asia.

As for extras, we’ve yet to see a kettle in our room in Turkey (as you would in Australia or the UK), we’ve only had a couple fridges and we’ve only had TV about 50% o the time.  When we’ve had TV, it is about 50/50 on getting English channels.  Like in SE Asia, there is always “The Fashion Channel”, which is in English but I’ll bet that there is not a designer in the world who could watch it for more than 30 minutes.  Bicycle travelers the world over know The Fashion Channel – how inn keepers choose this one English channel we’ll never fully understand.

So, that’s the room report.  Aside from room photos, we managed to get out for a bit today for a look at the Antalya Fortress – an old fort looking over the water.  There was limited signage so we don’t know what we looking at but the blue skies and sea made for an enjoyable stroll all the same.  It was a beautiful spring day here, temps in the low 70s/22.  We’ve been sitting in t-shirts and shorts on the terrace all afternoon.

Tomorrow we head for Side and continue our trek towards Tarsus (just this side of Adana).  Nancy has hotels and towns mapped out but we’ll see how the weather works out.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be nice but then we’ve got some rain in the forecast so we’ll be a bit flexible with the schedule.

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8 responses to “Turkey room review from Antalya

  1. Thanks for the photos of the room. Do you have a comfy chair or two to sit in? Always important to me. There are so many lovely places that seem to forget that essential. The lighting is interesting. Loved the coast photo with the mountains in the distance.

    Thanks for the photos and the description of how it is.

    • Rarely a chair of any kind. In fact, the coach in our present fancy room is a stack of old singlemattresses. Maybe in those fancy western hotels…


  2. For someone who is afraid of water (or at least swimming) you sure take a lot of pictures of boats…perhaps in a different life before the Bowers “sink (and die) or swim lessons” you were a water person? Hmmm! I suppose you are on land when you take these but the real question is: do you have a life jacket on while taking them? Seriously, love the photos! Enjoy them all!

  3. Boy we are a tough audience!

  4. John wants to know if riding bicycles all day means no cuddling.

  5. Really enjoyed the pictures! looks beautiful there. Thank you for sharing.

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