No rain, yet in Kas

(written by Dave)

It was supposed to rain today, upwards of 1.5 inches.  So far, we’ve had mostly sunshine.  But, it is coming tonight, so all the locals say.  The winds have been strong from the west all day, which is actually the first time we’ve seen this in Turkey, so something must be up.  It would have been a tailwind if we’d ridden but we really were ready for a day off.  And now, with the rain being a little late, we get another day off tomorrow as well!

A day off is a bit of a misnomer.  We had at least three kinds of cheese and raw honeycomb to try on the breakfast bar, and that was hard work.  We are not sure which one we liked best so we’ll have to do more research tomorrow and now also the following day.

It wasn’t all play though as we also had to clean the bikes.  Cleaning the bikes means that we have to find some form of degreaser.  Often, this proves harder than actually cleaning the bikes.  Kitchen products are not quite strong enough and that’s about all you find in most grocery stores.  Or at least it is all we can find in a language that we can read.  We eventually settled today on “construction clean-up liquid”.  It had an English label and actually worked pretty well in the end.

We wandered the harbor after shopping for cleaning supplies.  The winds blew all the haze away and the sky was a gorgeous deep blue.  It looked like a good day for sailing or in our case a good day to be off the water.  Lots of wind means some choppy water, no fun even with those fancy wrist bands.  As we’ve seen up and down the coast, many boats are out of the water, undergoing repairs this time of year.  All of the beautiful wooden boats are nice to look at but they sure take some work to keep them going.

The other big chore of the day was to get my hair cut.  Actually, this was not on the list but we showed token interest when passing a barber and before you know it I was seated in a barber’s chair discussing if I should get a number one or a two clipper cut.  Nancy was there to laugh, take pictures and provide morale support, sort of.  The head barber spoke English and we agree to use a one on top and a two on the side (why I don’t just shave is still a good question).  Anyway, somewhere in translating from the head barber to the junior barber my hair cut started as a one on the back.  This soon led to pretty much a one all over.  Nancy saw the junior barber start up with the one and burst out laughing.  He tried to fix it but once you are on a one, you on a one!  The post haircut washing and head massage thingy had us all laughing so hard we were in tears.  The head barber was thoroughly enjoying himself.  I think the junior barber may have felt bad about the one/two mix-up but he too was laughing by the end.  All and all, it was a very entertaining 10 minutes.  Too bad that I don’t have longer hair or that I can only get it cut every couple months.

Oh yeah, we negotiated before sitting down to get the Turkish price for the haircut – $5.  Negotiating price after your hair is cut will never work out.

In the afternoon we moved onto cleaning the bikes.  Everything looks good on the repairs we made on Nancy’s bike and there were no other issues other than lots of road grime.  As we cleaned, we watched the clouds build up so in spite of the blue skies in today’s photos, I think that we may get a little wet overnight.  We are presently on the terrace, watching more clouds build.  There happens to be no power in all of Kas right now so we are not sure what we are going to do for dinner.  Last night the buffet at our hotel was fantastic.  We’d like to have it again tonight but we may end up cooking dinner for everyone in the hotel on our camp stove if the power is not restored.

Before I forget to mention, the first photo today is of an island just off the coast.  It turns out that it is actually Greece, not Turkey.  Many of the Greek isles are closer to Turkey mainland than they are Greece.  This island is particularly close.  You can take a ferry across for almost nothing.  The real cost would be new visas with each crossing.  We’ll probably pass.

It should be an interesting night, what with the power outages and the pending storm.  Glad at least to be indoors, even if it may be in the dark!

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2 responses to “No rain, yet in Kas

  1. Too funny on the hair cut, I’ve done this to myself. I found it made for a more interesting reaction when you leave the one swipe there and then move to the # 2 clipper.

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