And we’re off (again) – last post from Nice

(written by Nancy)

We ride tomorrow.  Dave is very excited.  I am nervous.  It never seems like we have enough time for packing, planning and organizing before we go.  I know that it will great once we get out there but the days leading up to departure are always stressful – Yes, I know, how much sympathy should someone get when they are currently on the French Rivera, soon moving to the Italian Rivera and then on to Tuscany.

It’s not all wine and roses though, as any bicycle traveler will tell you.  Back to finding food and a place to sleep every day.  Back to wondering whether Dave really knows where he is going or is just saying he does.  Goodbye to a refrigerator, a stove, a heater, 24-hour internet access, hot and cold running water at your fingertips, a washing machine, our own bathroom that always has a seat and toilet paper and all those other little things that make your life comfortable.  But hello to beautiful scenery, fresh air, exploring new places and learning lots of new things together with the best touring partner one could have (if only he could follow the tent packing instructions a bit better).  Anyway, come what may, we’ve done as much as we can we can get done and will leave our nice little apartment for the wilds of the road early tomorrow morning.

We really have enjoyed Nice.  It is a perfect sized little city.  The cold spell we had for a few weeks was tough but overall we’ve had fantastic weather.  The food here has been pretty good, completely different than Asia.  And the wine has been mostly great, much more plentiful than Asia.  And with the wine, actually having cooler temps was a good thing (it’s hard to drink wine in Asia when it is so hot).  Our alcohol tolerance has certainly diminished since living in Australia despite our valiant efforts during our stay in Nice.

Like our French language study, I think we’ll have to declare the French wine study a work in progress.  We sort of settled in on Chateauneuf-du-Pape as the best new find but there are so many that we did not have the chance to try.  I know I mentioned the food above but the croissants merit a special mention.  The French certainly do know how to make a proper croissant.  We are only 30k from the Italy border and wondering if we’ll still find croissants there – I guess we’ll just have to check out a few Italian bakeries and report back.

Dave has picked out a few photos of Nice that we haven’t posted before – they are below.  I’ll stop writing now as I know there are things we’ve not gotten to on our lists.  Plus, I need to double-check everything that is Dave’s list – and probably make him a new one to keep him focused.  Nah, I’m not nervous….

Next post from Italy when we find an internet connection!

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17 thoughts on “And we’re off (again) – last post from Nice

  1. I am looking forward to more posts and photos. Now things will be less confusing as I won’t be wondering if you are showing me a photo of “Nice chocolate” or “nice chocolate”, once again I’ll know that the taste was great, not where you found it. There will be no shortage of wonderful food in Italy – nice food even if no longer Nice food.

  2. I’m excited for the next phase of the ride! Kirti and I were talking about how much we were looking forward to you guys continuing on…

    I’m with Dale, it will be nice not having to determine if you are talking about Nice or if you are saying something is nice.

  3. Hoping your next part of the trip goes as well as the last! I will try not to be anxious as I think Nancy has taken care of that!! Looking forward to Italy stories.

    • Thanks Mom – so far so good, made it to Italy without too many anxious moments and the tent is set up so at least we have a place to sleep tonight!  No grass though, and not even dirt – will be sleeping on bricks tonight…..  surrounded by old(er) Italians chattering away and gesturing with each word – funny!  We haven’t quite sorted out the phone yet but the campground has internet in the restaurant so that is where we are hanging out until dinner, along with the old Italian couples playing gin.  Perhaps we’ll have to take up that game…

      Stay tuned for a post coming soon!   Nancy


    • Yes and just when we were kind of getting the hang of things in French….  The Italians seem to understand French so we are doing okay so far…  


    • Grazie Ross, vorrei che tu fossi qui!  

      For those non-Italian speakers (including us), Ross said “Welcome to Italy where we eat and drink and have fun “.  And we said “Thanks Ross, wish you were here!”  So far that all seems true! We missed you today Ross – you could do all the ordering for us in the cafes, though we managed to find a really good macchiatto in a little crepe shop and had a great tortilla with mozzarello and tomatoes and oregano – I’ve forgotten the name already but it really hit the spot.


    • Yes, we made it across the border and are at a campground just outside San Remo.  Working on the blog entry right now, should be up shortly!   Nancy


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