Nice – we made it

(written by Dave)

We made it to Nice safely. I’ll make this a quick post as my editor is passed out here watching French language TV and at 7:30 PM we are both ready for sleep. Total travel time door to door, Bangkok to Nice was just over 24 hours. I’m not sure how many we slept.

Emirates from Bangkok was a blur. We both were sleeping before take-off and “airplane slept” the entire way (airplane sleep is sleep where you wake up every hour because your bum is numb and requires another shift). We were zombies in the Dubai airport sometime around 5AM local time. Emirates almost made up for the unkind baggage scene in Bangkok by upgrading us to business class on the Nice leg. I’m not sure how this works as Nancy seems to get upgraded all the time yet I was the one who travelled extensively for work and I can never remember getting so much as a free peanut. Whatever, I was more than happy to take part.

The taxi drivers at Nice were completely unhelpful. They were all wannabe F1 race drivers with cars that would hold our bikes with effort, like putting the seat down. None was interested in making any effort. I finally found a guy in an SUV who would help us out. He was at the back of the massive taxi queue so I think he did it to jump the queue. Make a note, wear a leather jacket and some cool sunglasses if you want to hang in the Nice taxi queue. Even then, you’ll need to cop a bit of an attitude as well.

We eventually made it to the old musician quarter and our lovely home for a couple months. The apartment is just like the photos and the neighbourhood is fantastic. The owner was cleaning when we arrived so we wandered outside. We found multiple bakeries, a couple wine shops, a handmade chocolate shop, an olive oil shop and we only made it 3 short city blocks from the apartment. It is colder here but sunny. We are wearing most of our clothes but that’s probably more to do with spending the last 6 months in Asia.

The best part of the apartment (at least for me) was being able to have my first glass of tap water since Singapore last July. That’s almost six months of nothing but bottled water as we travelled in SE Asia. Like many things on this trip, I’ll never take safe, drinkable tap water for granted again. We found some wine and cheese to try out but only managed the cheese. They still use corks here in France (unlike Australia where everything is screw-top) and neither of us felt up to taking on a corkscrew. We’ll start our research tomorrow on New Years Eve.

We have the weekend now to get settled before our French class starts on Monday. I posted photos for yesterday as well as this blog today. Check out the previous post if you are suffering Buddha withdrawals.

Typos are fully my responsibility – as mentioned, the LWOP chief editor has passed out…

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11 responses to “Nice – we made it

  1. Great news on the safe trip. Sounds like you already miss the Land of Smiles. Stay safe

  2. Did the shorts from your previous post make it to France with you or are you starting out with a fresh pair?

  3. I want to hear about Dubai and how it felt to look at those weird man made islands. I bet it was creepy.

    • Good question and more interesting than you may think. We flew out of Dubai at dawn (landed in the dark). We had a nice view of the city but could not see the islands (I agree that they are pretty weird – man gone crazy in my mind). We saw the world’s tallest building and the rounded one that they played tennis on top of, but no islands. What was most interesting about the flight from that point was flying over Iran and Turkey. Iran because I’m not sure that all airlines would have clearance to go through their airspace. Emirates is based in UAE and most likely more friendly towards Iran. I’ve flown a few times where the route has to zig and zag to avoid unfriendly countries but Emirates took a direct route over the middle east. Turkey was fun because we could see where we are planning to ride (I think, we did not have a map with us). There was quite a bit of snow in northern Turkey, but none in the south where we’ll ride in 2-3 months.

  4. Bonjour and bonne année! Bakeries plus a chocolate shop nearby AND fresh, drinkable water. Plus, no restroom worries for several months! Looking forward to the first croissant picture. It all looks lovely – this will be so much fun for you. Can’t wait to hear about your experiences exploring the city as well as your french class.

  5. Sounds like quite a trip! Carson loves her French class in High school hope you enjoy yours as well! Thanks for letting all of us know you arrived safely!

  6. 24 hrs…………..! Lovely front door – is that tile work around the gate?

  7. Hugh & Jude Wilson

    Chaps, a happy new year etc etc.

    Been following youtr travels and travails.

    We are doing the Eurovelo6 in July, on the new Bike Friday tandem.

    All the best for the riding ahead.

    Let us know where you’ll be over summer please.

    Hugh & Jude, Toowoomba

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