Last day in Siem Reap – Wat Bo

(written by Dave)

Today is our last day in Siem Reap.  As our Angkor Wat passes had expired, we decided that we would visit a local wat here in town.  Wat Bo is almost as old as the temples of Angkor Wat but this temple has been in use nearly since that time and is very well maintained  Being in town, the temple appears to be rather well funded, all of the paint is new and there is a new temple going up on-site.  Assuming that Wat Bo is fair representation of a well maintained temple, one can only imagine how the Angkor temples would have looked in their day.  The Khmer were quite prosperous and would have spared no expense decorating what we see today as just rock walls.  For such a small wat, I ended up with quite a few photos, perhaps it was all the colours after so many days of rock-only finishes.

After the temple we wandered the old market here in Siem Reap.  I intentionally took a path through the “wet” market area.  This is where all the fresh meat, fish and veggies are sold.  The girls particularly enjoyed the squirming fish, dead chickens with stiff legs and pigs heads and intestines.  We didn’t make any purchases but took some photos and will long remember the smells.  Gretchen made a comment that she needed to wash her sandals thoroughly before packing them.  She’s probably right.

So, today is our last day in 5-star accommodation, sigh…  We lucked out a bit today when we asked about what time we needed to move rooms and the manager told us that he was giving us a special deal and letting us stay in our fancy 2 bedroom apartment.  Even though all of our clothes are clean, we are thinking of doing another load of laundry, taking full advantage of the washing machine, just because it is there.

The plan going forward from here is three days of riding, mostly likely Sisophan, Sa Kao (back in Thailand) and Prachin Buri.  Prachin Buri is a little over 100k from Bangkok and we are thinking that we’ll take at train in from there, avoiding the craziness of riding in the big city.  We have a hotel booked in Bangkok and will arrive there on Christmas Eve.  On the 30th of December we fly to Nice to begin our adventure learning French.  We are looking at picking up some baguettes on the way out of town given how few we saw when last in Thailand (speaking of which, I could not resist one food photo today, Nancy’s baguette egg sandwich was so close to being an Aussie egg and bacon roll, minus the BBQ sauce)

Thanks again to Gretchen for coming out and spending time with us.  It was great to be normal tourist for a few days.  These plush hotels are a nice treat as well.  Thanks Gretch, next visit, we’ll try to scale back on the rock climbing.

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4 responses to “Last day in Siem Reap – Wat Bo

  1. Hope that you are ready for a climate change in France! I’m amazed that Angkor Thom could support 1 million people (yes this comment is a couple of days late). Thinking about a city today of 1 million and you have trucks coming and going hauling in good, hauling out trash. Our water systems, sewers, etc. require a huge investment. Supporting this population in 1200 would have taken a tremendous amount of organization and discipline.

    • You are spot on Chris. They had to do everything you mentioned and had nothing more than people and elephants for power. And the surrounding area held another 2 million folks. Pretty amazing some of these old civilisations – they must have been pretty clever.

  2. Happy Travels to Gretchen! Glad she could make it there as a Christmas present. Enjoy your last days in Asia…. on to Europe and visitors from Nevada (and Oregon, also) in a month or so! How fun!

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