Exhausted and safe in Siem Reap

(written by Dave)

Just a quick post to let everyone know that we made it safely to Siem Reap .  It took us over 6 hours to ride here in a mini-van.  And what a ride it was.  For Nancy and I, it was like being on a rocket ship.  To travel the same roads we travelled last week at such great speed was absolutely amazing.  More fascinating was to actually be inside one of those “jet pilot captained” beasts that are trying to run us off the road every day.  It was 6 plus hours of white knuckle, death defining near misses and impossible passes.  I really wish I were a better writer because I’m sure that we are no where near conveying the full experience.

It was nice to have Gretchen on board as a witness.  She kept saying over and over, “you could never describe this”.  At one point Nancy was looking out the side window at something while Gretchen was looking forward.  Nancy turned to Gretchen and asked her if she had seen whatever it was that had caught her eye.  Gretchen, now ghostly white could only mutter, “I thought I was going to die” after our driver pulled out of the oncoming lane mere seconds before impact with a large machinery like truck.  These kind of moments went on all day.  I sat in the front seat will openly admit that there were many occasions that I could only close my eyes and hang on.  I wish I could say it was our driver but we were still being passed, by a few vans and even a few buses.  At least riding a bike, you have some control over your own destiny.  On the “mini-van-o-death” carnival ride, you just have to hope for the best.

But we made it – and have another adventure travel experience to talk about for years to come…

Truth be known, the real purpose of this post is to let other touring cyclist know that we have a washing machine at our hotel (Ciska, are you reading/jealous?).  Not just at the hotel, but actually in our room.  That’s right our very own machine.  We are washing all our clothes, some for the first time in a machine since we left Sydney 9 months ago.  How exciting!

What more could you ask for in one day, a washing machine and a six hour carnival ride.  Life is good.

Tomorrow we hitting some of the old temples.  We were too tired tonight to map everything out.  We’ll do that over brekkie tomorrow.  Check back tomorrow for temple photos, some with Nancy and/or myself wearing nice clean clothes.


Wow, a washing machine


8 responses to “Exhausted and safe in Siem Reap

  1. Glad that you survived the mini-van-o-death carnival ride. Sounds too exciting. I suppose repeating the trip and shooting some video is out of the question? Have been really enjoying the stories and photos (other than a few of the “fried creatures” photos as the first image of the day. Yuck. 🙂

  2. Your mothers must be cringing. I am not even your mother and *** I *** am cringing.

  3. I don’t think I could do mini van o death, I would have to stay at the Hotel! Glad you survived. Do you take the same way back? or are there other choices???? The two of you have never looked happier than your washing machine pic! We leave tomorrow on our cruise to Mexico so I will catch up with the two of you on December 24th! Keep on riding!

  4. so Dave, do I presume this van ride was far worse than being diven in a mini-van on the steets of Mumbai?

    • Worse here because we were at highway speeds. The speed limit was 90 kph, which was crazy given the condition of the road and surrounding traffic. I should have taken a video on my iPhone like we did when we were in Mumbai 🙂 – dre


  5. Not fair……..!!!
    Love Ciska and the boys

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