Quick update from Nong Khai

(written by Dave)

Very quick update from Nong Khai – why? Because we had a great day but never actually made it past reception at the guesthouse. We spent a good part of the morning talking with our Mums on Skype, then with Gretchen (Nancy’s sister) again on Skype. It looks like Gretchen is going to make another trip out to visit us before we leave Asia (in Cambodia in December). We spent the rest of the morning planning and re-planning the next few months. The current plan is a month or so in Laos, a month or so in Cambodia, then we fly to France for a couple months of immersion French lessons. All the could change but that’s the current thinking.

We were just working through the options for French classes when Nancy looked over her shoulder and spotted two cyclist. It was Michael and Sammy, two of the two tandem family travelling round the world. The other two are Ciska and Jesse. They’ve been on the road for 3+ years and are somewhat internet bike forum legends. We contacted them a few weeks ago because it looked like we might intersect paths. And today we did – what luck for us. It also helps explain where our afternoon went and why we didn’t leave the guest house. Mike and Ciska joined us after cleaning up and you can only imagine the stories that they have to tell (we told a few as well). Before we knew it, afternoon had turned to evening. They have been diligently blogging their travels, if you are interested, the blog is at crazyguyonabike – click here to read their amazing story. We plan to roughly share a route for a few weeks and are excited to catch up with them again in Laos.

By now it was dinner time and we knew we’d not get past the menu here at the guesthouse. So we gave in… I had full intentions of being more verbose on the blog but then a young Dutch couple sat next to us at dinner and there went another couple hours. That Nancy is such a chatterer, you know! Anyway, they were quite fun to talk with as well, they knew our old neighbourhood in Amsterdam. Now it’s time for bed and not only have we not made it past reception, we’ve also taken only 1 photo (of Nancy’s dinner) the entire day. So, a brief post, with no photos (sorry), but know that we are safe and really having a grand time here in Nong Khai.

Ok, ok, one more quick story. I was reading the paper this morning and was quite surprised to see the article below. I couldn’t find it in the on-line paper so I’ll type the full article here. Remember, the temps are in C and Thailand does have another major weather issue now (the floods). I guess you really don’t know cold until it drops below 15C (59F) in Thailand for a full three days.

Bangkok Post 10-11-2011
Chiang Mai – Northern residents endure cold snap
Omkoi District has been the first cold spell disaster zone of this northern province, says the head of Chiang Mai’s Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office. The announcement was issued yesterday after the town saw temperatures lower than 15C for the past three days. Residents had been affected by the cold temperatures during both the day and the night, Komsan Suwannaaumpher said.

Tomorrow should be our last day here and then it’s over the Friendship Bridge and into Laos on Monday.

5 thoughts on “Quick update from Nong Khai

  1. What a great Sabbath (a day spent doing things that feed your soul and not going very far to do so!) It’s great you’ve met up with some other cyclists. Goodbye to Thailand, such a wonderful country, and on to the next one! Cheers, Mates!

    • We loved Thailand – it truly is the land of smiles and a wonderful holiday destination. Accommodation is not 5-star but getting out there and “roughing it” lets you meet the everyday folk. I mean really, does one absolutely need 7 choices of pillow firmnessto have a nice holiday (much less complete life)?

  2. Dave, you guys do a great job of posting most every day. 200+ days ago I never imagined that I would be reading your blog daily, figured I would see weekly updates at best. Knowing that you have so many of us out here looking for your blog daily, worrying when you don’t post, has to create some level of stress.

    Eat, finding a place to sleep, keep bikes clean/working and posting daily to your blog, keeps a couple busy!

    • :-). Stress, what me stress? Actually it is not that bad. In the old days we wrote in a book and only looked at once or twice long after the trip. Now we have the memory And get to share it with others. Worth a little stress.

  3. Love the stories – and so glad you’re running into other ‘crazyguys’!!
    Although, yes, 3 days under 60f is a disaster………;)

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