Climbing Doi Suithep and cooking school – Chiang Mai (38/9088 k’s)

(written by Dave)

What a great day today – I have so many pictures, I’m not sure which ones to post.  And now it’s almost too late to even write a blog – guess it must have been a good day.  I’ll make this brief, but put in a few extra photos to make up for the lack of text.

We started by getting up and heading out on the bikes to ride up Doi Suithep, the big mountain overlooking the city.  It’s about a 4,000 foot climb.  We were not out as early as we had planned but it cooled with every k we climbed.  We saw quite a few other cyclists on the road, both going up and coming down.  The top of the climb has one of the best wats we’ve seen in Thailand.  Great temple, lots of gold covered Buddha and chedi, plus the local hilltribe kids were out at performing dance routines.  This was the first wat we’ve attended where Nancy had to “cover-up” more.  The rented her a skirt but did not object to my bare knees and bike shorts.

The ride up was hard – pretty steep at times – but enjoyable.  The ride down was fun – lots of turns but no traffic and some great corners.

We made it back to town later than planned but still managed to get brekkie at Dada’s cafe (we ate there for lunch yesterday).  Nancy had eggs on toast.  They really messed up my order of mango pancakes but when they finally arrived, they were absolutely fantastic.  Well worth the wait.

After an early afternoon break in the room, we rallied for a 4PM pick-up by the cooking school folks.  The owner, Pot picked us up, along with 5 others in tonight’s course.  We drove by a market to pick up some fresh ingredients (where I also tried fresh pork rinds and fried silk worms – Nancy passed)  We then drove to Pot and Nancy’s home – they were happy to meet another Nancy.  We had a menu to choose from then with great assistance from Pot, we each got assemble our own dinners.  It would be a stretch to call it cooking as they had everything all ready in the right proportions.  It was more following Pot’s lead with a little chopping.  Even though we did little of the heavy lifting, Pot filled us all sorts of information about what we were doing, how it would taste and where the ingredients came from.

Between the two of us we made hot and sour soup, spicy soup with sweet basil, pad thai gai, fried glass noodles with vegetables, chicken with cashew nut, fried holy basil with chicken, green curry and massaman curry – yes we made each of these – and yes we ate them all as well.  Wow, what a great night.  Pot and Nancy really put on a great show, we learned a bunch about Thai food and managed to chop veggies without loss of any fingers.  A success by any measure.

Tomorrow we will enjoy our last day at the hotel – Nancy is not too excited about leaving the plush settings but I am out of hotel points so no more extending our stay, unfortunately.  We’ll be working out supplies and routes for the coming 10 days.  Full report tomorrow…

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9 thoughts on “Climbing Doi Suithep and cooking school – Chiang Mai (38/9088 k’s)

  1. The “cooking with fire” photo is great. Looks like lots of fun, not something for tight quarters. Don’t worry, you can’t post too many photos. I would like to see a few more of the places you stay – the one star, not five star. Good to hear about the great bike service you were able to have done.

  2. The hill tribe kids have really pretty colorful costumes. They look great! I would love to go to Thai cooking class. You ate all that food! 🙂

    • The kids were really cute – hard not to take a million pictures of them. And the cooking class was lots of fun – not sure we could replicate the dishes but we did get the recipes so we can give it a try once we have a kitchen again! Dave & Nancy

  3. Love the pictures. The children look very well behaved…I subbed in fifth grade today and my students were pretty rambunctious! The cooking class sounded like a wonderful time. I would also like to see more pics of questionable lodging!

    • Next time we’re in Nevada we’ll do a Thai cooking night – we have the recipes now but we may have to search a bit for the ingredients! And stay tuned for more pictures of our lodging…

      Dave & Nancy

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