Day of Buddhist temples

(written by Dave)

Today ended up being the day of Buddhist temples.  We visited at three of them.  I’m pretty sure that I’ll mess up spelling one or more of the names below but it is good practice for us as we are heading to Thailand in a week and we’ll have all sorts of linguistic challenges.  The temples were:

Wat Chaiyarnangalaran temple – Temple of the reclining Buddha
Dahmmikarama temple– Standing Buddha temple
Wat Buppharam temple – Lifting Buddha temple

Steve, Gretchen and I took turns following each other around taking pretty much all the same photos.  Nancy just enjoyed the scenery.  All three temples were quite scenic and they were not too crowded.  Most of the other visitors were there for worship.  All of us kind of wished we knew more of the actual religion, rather than our simplistic “wow, look at the gold statue”.  There were plenty of monks in traditional orange robes around, but we did not have the courage to talk to them.

After the temples, we stopped for lunch at Bali Hai, one of the famous Gurney Drive seafood restaurants.  We had a fantastic feast, more food than any of us needed.

From lunch we made our way to the G hotel and the registration for the CFAL bike ride.  We joined the queue to pick up our packets but probably stood out as non-locals.  Soon we were usher to a special table where we met Diana Leong, in person.  She’s been our contact via email for the ride.  Not only were we allowed in past the formal registration deadline but we were also given complementary entries, all because of our status as round the world cyclists from Australia.  Diana has been reading our blog as well.  We feel very honoured to take part in the ride – hope it doesn’t rain!

Next up we hit a grocery store so that Nancy and I could purchase supplies we need heading down the road.  We always find grocery stores in a new country fascinating to peruse.  Gretchen and Steve enjoyed the stop as well.  This particular store had more western items than we have seen in any grocery store since Australia, including products from Bob’s Red Mill and Kettle Chips, both Oregon products.  Best of all, we spied a bottle of Aussie Pinot Noir.  We are having wine and pizza for dinner – perfect pre-ride meal.

So tomorrow is the CFAL ride.  We are looking forward to it and hoping for a dry day.  After the ride, Gretchen and Nancy are looking into spa treatments.  Steve and I may have to head back to the barber!

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3 thoughts on “Day of Buddhist temples

  1. Be sure to post a pre-race photo of you both with a collection of the other riders so we can see if you do blend into the foreign riding crowd. Are you removing the bags used to carry gear? You know you would really impress all those other riders if you left all the gear on your bikes. That would show them what the Aussies are really made of.

  2. Like Dales’ post!! 😉
    Really, tho – a Pre and Post Photo (and fairly, another after the spa/shaves) would be fitting as well………….
    Best of luck to you all!

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