Tea time in the Cameron Highlands

(written by Nancy)

One more rest day here in the Cameron Highlands to make sure we had time to enjoy a proper cup of tea and scones while sitting amongst the tea fields. We caught a cab down to the Cameron Valley Tea Estate about 4k south of where we are staying and wandered the tea fields a bit before sitting down in their nice open air balcony and having a proper cuppa. The tea was very nice and the scones were too, though the fake whip cream just doesn’t do it for me after having the nice cream that you get with scones in Australia. Below is just a sample of the many many pictures that Dave took of the tea plantation.

The weather looked passable when we finished our tea so we took a chance and walked back (uphill) to town. It was not too bad of a walk and we made it about 30 minutes before the rain started so we were lucky. All in all a nice rest up here in the cool weather – could use a bit less rain though!

Tomorrow we are heading back to the flatlands (and the heat), to a town called Ipoh about 90k from here. We have a little bit of climbing along the way but Dave claims that there is at least 50k of downhill. Assuming we make no wrong turns and Dave has not misread the profile it should be fun!

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9 thoughts on “Tea time in the Cameron Highlands

  1. The patterns made by the paths in tea plantations are interesting and make for great photos. Are there many different kinds of tea grown and if so do the plants appear different? Do the plants have any smell?

    • It is black tea here. The leaves have almost no smell when picked. If you crush them in your hands, they smell like cut grass. Only the smoke/steam coming out of the factory has a tea smell.

  2. Hi Dave and Nancy – we’ve really enjoyed following your trip. I have to agree you do have the pinky position down pat! We got a postcard from Martin yesterday – he made it in 31 days!! Said it was the hardest thing he’s ever done – cheers and happy travels – Pete and Pauline

  3. Great pictures with the vibrant green. We also had several monitor lizard encounters while we were in the area and it always took a couple of seconds for our brains to process what we were seeing and recognize it properly.
    Keep up the writing, I love coming here for a break and reading of the ongoing adventure.

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