Happy Easter – Deepwater to Tenterfield (53k)

(written by Nancy)

Interesting night at Deepwater… We both woke up to some weird noises last night about 1am – it sounded like people were in the field near the tent, either driving by or moving animals by us. We unzipped the tent to see what was going on and it appeared to be people going to a nearby house. It wasn’t clear what they were doing – moving things about or something. Anyway, it set all the dogs in the area off, so we had about an hour of activity and dogs barking. There were no clouds in the sky and the moon was bright so we felt a bit exposed but the people appeared to more interested in doing whatever they were doing than bothering us so we finally went back to sleep. Exciting times at Deepwater. Unfortunately I think all of the activity overnight scared away the Easter Bunny… no chocolate eggs this morning.

After the nighttime adventures we slept until about 7, when the sun started to hit the tent – a very nice way to wake up. We took our time packing up to give the tent and tarp a chance to dry off in the sun. It already felt pretty warm sitting in the sun eating our oatmeal and we took off the arm warmers and leg warmers before we started.

We didn’t have to make any turns today – just headed north on the New England Highway. We had lots of ups and downs – felt a bit like cycling in the Ozarks, coming down steep hills to immediately begin climbing again. Good practice for shifting anyway!

The landscape continues to change a bit – more forests than farmland, and the granite rocks started to appear quite a lot. We went through a historical area called Bolivia, and then through Bluff Rock, which was an early pioneer settlement. The rock was quite impressive and there was a viewpoint with some commentary on the early pioneers. There was also a description of the Bluff Massacre, in which apparently many Aboriginals were killed by being thrown off Bluff Rock after a local sheep farmer was killed. Sad events in history everywhere, I guess.

We pulled into Tenterfield about 1pm and stopped at the local servo for a chocolate milk to ease the hunger pains. We knew there would not be many restaurants open today, given that it was Easter so planned to eat lunch once we secured a tent spot at a caravan park. Surprisingly, the tourist information center was open so we stopped to get some local info. We got the scoop on the caravan parks and grocery stores and the planned route tomorrow, then headed off to find the store to get some supplies and find the caravan park. We are staying at the Tenterfield Lodge Caravan Park, another small but quaint park. There are three tents in the relatively small tent area but hopefully it will be a quiet night.

Tenterfield is called a ‘Federation town’, as it was here that Sir Henry Parkes (considered the father of federation) gave a famous speech in which he presented his vision of a united Australia in 1889. There are various museums and other landmark buildings that have been preserved. Looks like a nice little town.

Tomorrow is ANZAC Day, so most places will be closed until 1 or so to allow for the local parade and ceremonies honoring the servicemen. We are heading to Stanthorpe, which will give us our first state border crossing, into Queensland! We are taking a back way through various national parks that includes some unsealed roads. It should only be about 60k, but it looks like there are no services along that way so we will try to get a relatively early start and carry extra water.

We saw several road signs today that reminded us of friends and family – here they are just for fun.

Hank Gardner Gully

Rockdale Mosby Road

PErtel's or Purtles Hill

Bill, Steve, Chris... want to buy a hambuguh?

6 thoughts on “Happy Easter – Deepwater to Tenterfield (53k)

  1. hi guys, happy easter, at least you had chocolate milk, better than a chocolate egg… but not as good as an egg & bacon roll , and xxxx on tap is all you ar going to find in QLD……

  2. Thanks for the picture of Purtles Hill! My principal used to be Klaire Pirtle and often people who see my e-mail addresses think that Pertel is my last name. Happy Easter! I’m off to hide the eggs for the Easter Egg hunt at church. Sorry I can’t send any your way. We have 250+ to hide this year!

  3. Happy belated Easter! We had a busy day of Church, Brunch and “Fiddler on the Roof” at the Pioneer Center. It looks like you had a very nice and sunny day – off and on bits of rain and cool here. Enjoy your Park, no services, day tomorrow!

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