Rest day in Taree – To McDonalds and back (8k)

(written by Dave)

 Not much to report today.  We had a little bit of sleep in, did some laundry and had a massive brecky (eggs, heaps of chopped veggies and left over sausage from last night).  Nancy mended one of my bike gloves while sitting in the sun.  Not a bad life…

We then headed to McDonalds to use the free Wi-Fi.  Everything went well except the McDonalds part – it was kid central and the Wi-Fi was very spotty.  On the kids, fair enough, it is school Easter break over here.  And the Wi-Fi, you have to think that McDonalds would not like us calling everyone in the world free on Skype – I suspect they have detuned the network on purpose.  We’ll give them another try somewhere down the road, and perhaps outside the normal lunch hour.

 Meanwhile we have to get in a few more snaps of our campsite (see below).  It really has to be one the most scenic sights we’ve had while touring.  It was not all peace and quite – I have to admit that Nancy was awoken last night by fish jumping in the river just outside our tent – yes she got up to try and figure out what the heck the noise was – and yes, I slept through it.

 As for the plants in the park, how rude of the “overhead trees” to drop branches “without notice.”  I’m guessing that in other parts of Taree, trees provide advance notice before dropping branches.  Or perhaps trees elsewhere don’t grow overhead.  I’d like to meet the guy who came up with the idea of this sign – bloody genius!

Back on the road tomorrow.  Heading for Wauchope – lots of motorway riding but it’s the only way to get there.  At least the motorway has a good shoulder; still we’ll be extra careful – while also being mindful of those pesky overhead trees.  And there is supposed to be a café about half-way that has some of the best scones in NSW so I suspect we will have to stop there for a break…


7 responses to “Rest day in Taree – To McDonalds and back (8k)

  1. Beautiful! Glad you had a restful day off. Do you check comments on older posts? One of my students is writing to you from her home computer. She has a couple comments on some earlier posts.

  2. Hey guys, whilst at your campsite take a read of some of your predecessors from from days gone by;


  3. Gotta love those rest days!

  4. Beautiful site for a rest day – water, shade and sun and a nice picnic table, too. Dave how could you sleep through the jumping fish? Keep on having fun! Love, Mom

  5. Great pictures – had to laugh at Nancy waking up at the fish jumping..maybe being a light sleeper is a Peterson issue (at least the females)! A few more weeks in the “wilderness” will hopefully cure that. Glad the trip has started off so well, the weather looks wonderful.

  6. good to see you having a break……

  7. It’s great to see you’re well on your way and enjoying the trip. Speaking of tree branches, soon you’ll be entering “drop-bear” country…

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