Riding the Great Lakes Region (63k)

First of all, thanks to everyone for your comments. We are sorry we have not been able to respond to them all – mobile coverage has been pretty limited in the last couple of days and we are lucky to get enough bars on the phone to post the update. Glad you are enjoying the updates – we have fun reliving the days. Also special thanks to our new honorary CIO (and mean harmonica player) Donaleen Kohn who has figured out how to map our waypoints on Google maps – thanks Donaleen! Look for her comment on the Oz by Bike page that includes a link to a map so you can follow along.

Sunshine and clear blue skies again this morning after a cooler night. When I got out of the tent there were at least three kangaroos wandering about the campsite – one with a joey. It was pretty quiet in the campground last night, but we had another visit this morning from the girls down the way just to say good morning and perhaps to tell us that they had already had pancakes for breakfast.

The dirt road started just at the campground and continued for about 7k, with a short bit of pavement and then another couple of Ks of dirt. It was hard-packed dirt, a bit of washboard but there was usually a good line to take. Fortunately the traffic was almost non-existent, so it was actually a nice quiet ride. Slow, due to the condition of the road, but nice. We popped back out from Bombah Point Road after about 17k to Pacific Highway at Bulahdelah and made a stop to pick up some supplies and a snack, as we were not sure if there would be any stores further up the route.

From Bulahdelah we had only about 4k to ride on Pacific Hwy until we made the turnoff to the tourist drive of Lakes Way. This turned out to be a good ride – the road was a bit iffy in spots due to deterioration but the traffic was relatively light. We had some good climbing in the first 30k or so of the road – we were both sweating a bit under the sun. The road loops around Myall Lake and some of the tributary bays and lakes – it was quite pretty despite the ups and downs.

We made another quick stop at Bungwahl for a drink and then continued on Lakes Way until we reached today’s campground, called the Ruins in the Booti Booti National Park (Dave got a kick out of that, as you can imagine). The campground is located right next to Seven Mile Beach and is pretty full – lots of big tent setups with all kinds of rooms and covers. Our little tent looks a bit measly by comparison… but I’m not sure the extra room is worth the extra weight!

Hopefully we will have some quiet tonight, but judging from the noise so far I am not sure!


6 responses to “Riding the Great Lakes Region (63k)

  1. thats great guys, there is 7 miles of beach to have a dip in….. go for it.!

  2. What a great adventure you two are having! I’m loving following your trip and the map is so cool! Can’t wait for each new day to see where you’ve been.

  3. I am really enjoying reading your adventure. It has me thinking about tours for Pete and I in a couple of years! Your pictures are great. Really enjoyed seeing you guys in Nevada. Best wishes from the Three of us!

  4. so how is Nancy’s clavicle/shoulder doing?

  5. Oh wat a cute joey did you know that Riana has a girl in her class named joie!!!! safe travling!!! i love all the pictures we are going to have dinner soon we are haveing corn beef and cabbage!!! MMMMMMMMM

  6. thanks for the map

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