Great day with the Ritchie’s in Maryborough

(Written by Dave)

We had a great Mother’s Day today – missed our Mums of course but a great day all the same. The highlight of the day was picnic at Tuan with Lisa, Rod, William, Sarina, Grandmum and Granddad, plus 6 kids and 6 more adults from the family next door. We all piled into Toyota Landcruisers (or in Bruce’s case – the neighbor next door – a Nissan, sorry mate) and headed down to the Tuan bayside, right on the water. We took with us everything needed for a proper Aussie BBQ, including BBQs, tables, chairs, sun awning and tons of food. Nancy and I bought fresh bay prawns from the “house on the corner” and a feast was had by all. I’m not sure how all our stuff fix in Rod’s Land Cruiser – 8 people, table, chairs, BBQ, food – but it did.

Bayside BBQ


Fresh prawns

We had lots of sunshine, some good old Aussie yarns were told and no crocodiles were spotted. Lisa’s mother even asked me where I picked up my American accent – thinking that we were Aussie. And at one point later, mimicked my American accent – giving me the schtick – the ultimate compliment to any wannabe Aussie.

Bayside view

Thanks to Rod & Lisa, plus William and Sarina – we are doing this trip to meet real people and experience the real Australia. Sometimes this is missing when you stay in all the holiday places like Noosa. You know when two Aussie mates are ribbing each other over their CBs about the 4X4 brand they are driving that you are no longer in touristville. Great visit guys, thanks for letting us share a few days with your family.

Two bayside boats

Tomorrow we are off to Childers – it may rain and it’s a busier road. We’ll take it easy in the traffic and arrive there safe. We are also planning to stop at “Sexy Coffee” – Rod’s favourite coffee shop for brekkie.


One response to “Great day with the Ritchie’s in Maryborough

  1. Angela Clark

    Hey guys was lovely to meet you both and I look forward to reading about the rest of your trip around Australia…Stay Safe and wnjoy the rest of your trip 🙂

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