Rural Delights on the Granite Trail – Stanthorpe to Warwick (61k)

(written by Nancy)

We had a quiet night at the campground after people departed from the nearby fire pit.  We had breakfast at the campsite and departed just after 8.  Lots of folks were up early and getting on their way – plus the fruit pickers were up and off to earn some money.  It was a bit cold but not raining when we left.

 Based on some advice from our WarmShowers host in Toowoomba we took the back roads today to stay off the motorway.  The roads were great – very little traffic and very scenic.  We had to be on the highway for just a little bit and the traffic was really crazy so we felt quite lucky to have the alternative route.

 We stopped for morning tea at Vincenzo’s, which was only about 13k from the campsite but came highly recommended by the tourist information center.  The place was already hopping at 9am – lots of Easter traffic, I think.  We had a lovely serving of toast with ricotta cheese and local honey and a nice cup of coffee.  It was a nice warm place to stop.  They had lots of local produce so we picked up a couple of nice things for dinner tonight.

We rode the Granite Trail today – lots of apples and other fruit plus some wineries.  Looks like they are trying to promote this area as an up and coming wine region as well.  We haven’t had a chance to partake in the wines yet but perhaps we can pick some up in the next couple of days to try them out.  We did get some fresh Pink Lady apples to snack on. 

Morning tea at Vincenzo's


Apples anyone?

At Dalveen we crossed under the motorway and took the Old Stanthorpe Road, which took us all the way into to Warwick.  There was about 7k or so of unsealed road but it wasn’t bad and the whole route was very scenic – a perfect road for riding.  I think we had maybe three cars in the three hours we were on it.  A bit of up and down but nothing too long.  We saw some great wildlife – even a kangaroo pausing on the road for us to pass. 

Kangaroo waiting for us on Old Standthorpe Road


Scenic rural views

Horses on Old Stanthorpe Road


We also passed into a ‘no rabbit’ zone – very serious signs (fines and jail time even), a fence and a huge grate across the road.  Someone who owned the paddock right by the sign was being a bit cheeky – they named it Cottonvale…

Serious Rabbit issues here...

Rabbit proof fence

We had some rain showers today so it was on and off with the rain jackets.  Nothing too heavy but enough to be annoying.  We both were hot and cold pretty much all day – the minute the sun came out it was really hot, but then it would soon go behind clouds and the rain would start and it would get chilly.  We made it to Warwick about 12:45 and headed to the tourist information center to get the scoop on the area, including camping options.  We got some great info and maps for tomorrow’s route, and then went to the grocery store for supplies for dinner. We avoided the submerged path…

No kidding

We are staying at a nice campground – it is quiet around here now that most of the Easter traffic is over.  When we arrived we waited out a slight rainshower in the camp kitchen and noticed some birds on the lawn that appeared to be doing some form of bird yoga – leaning on each side and lifting their wings up, then rolling to the other side and doing the same thing.  It was very funny – I am sure there is a logical explanation but it really looked like bird yoga.

Bird yoga

We had scrambled eggs and chorizo with cilantro and some toasted bread for dinner – a nice break from the pasta that we have had for the last couple of nights.  We had some great company in the kitchen – a family at the end of their three week holiday with three kids that were bundles of energy.  Always makes it more fun when we have a chance to interact with folks.

Tomorrow we have a long day into Toowoomba.  We have a great route that takes us off the main highway through what should be very picturesque landscapes.  Hopefully we won’t have too much rain – weather forecast doesn’t look too great.

4 thoughts on “Rural Delights on the Granite Trail – Stanthorpe to Warwick (61k)

  1. Hi Guys, kangaroo’s waiting for you on Old Standthorpe Road, horses,rabbit proof fence,Bird yoga, sounds like they thought Dr Dave Do Little was coming to town. lol….

  2. The Kangaroo in the middle of the street was classic! I wanted to check how the progress was going and it looks to be doing so splendidly. Some of these are great reads! Thanks for the updates and nice to be able to at least experience a little of the trip vicariously!


  3. Hi Dave and Nancy, Finally catching up on your website and blog, and we love it! Great pictures. We enjoyed meeting you at Warwick (yes that was us with the three little bundles of energy). We will be following your journey with great interest. Take care.

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