And We’re Off!

And We’re Off! – 8 April 2011  – 55k

 We set off this morning from Concord under blue sunny skies to ride into the city.  A bit of ‘first day’ nerves but Ross & Jeanette rode with us to the ANZAC bridge, which meant we did not have to worry about the route through the various neighborhoods.  Thanks again to Ross & Jeanette for all their help.

 We made our way through the city to Circular Quay and after photos at the Opera House we set off on the ferry to Manly.  We stopped for a coffee and croissant at Manly before heading off to make our way to Palm Beach – about a 31k ride.  Traffic was not too bad thankfully, as it always takes a bit of time getting used to the heavy bikes again.  And this time they feel really heavy! 

We made it to Palm Beach in time for the 12:00 ferry to Ettalong, a fairly quiet beachside community.  Given it was lunch time we stopped for our first egg and bacon roll of the trip at the Cabana Beach Café – not too bad! 

We only had about 10k to go from Ettalong so we took our time hanging out at the café.  It might take us awhile to get in the ‘hanging out’ mode…

From Ettalong we rode to the Engelbrecht family home in Bennsville.  Dave and Adrian were colleagues at Polycom and Adrian kindly offered his place as a rest stop for the first night.  We had a great afternoon chatting with Adrian’s wife Sarah and watching the antics of almost 2-year old Nate, while older sister Saige and brother Jacques played with schoolmates.  We had a great steak dinner with the family – interrupted by a trip out in the yard to watch some possums frolic in the trees with good spotting by the kids. 

As it looked like it might rain we took up the offer of the pullout bed in Jacques room so we didn’t have to get the tent wet tonight.  Thanks Jacques for use of your room! 

All in all a pretty good first day.  Neither of us can really quite believe that we are finally on this trip after talking about it for so long – I think it will take a bit of time before it really sinks in.


8 responses to “And We’re Off!

  1. Wow. . . I can’t believe you’re on your way either! What an adventure. I’m excited for you both! I can hardly wait to read the next blog.

  2. Thanks for posting so often (as least so far!) It’s like we get to travel along with you. Happy trails!

  3. What perfect day to start, O and enjoy that bacon & egg roll, I dont think they come in a dry freeze bag…..!

  4. Wow! You’ve made it past the first day and night and posting! Sounds good! Keep the info coming! Love to you both, Nancy’s Mom

  5. Prajakti Khursale

    Dear Aunty Nancy and Uncle Dave,
    I saw the photos. What are you eating in the photo, Aunty Nancy? I miss you. There is no photo of Uncle Dave eating. He must be hungry. Thats all. Love Ilana

  6. You’re off. That’s great. Dave, I like your jersey choice for the first day of your journey.

  7. Hi Guys, just like to wish you all the best and have a great adventure.
    Looking forward to read your blogs and seeing all the photos.
    Cheers Tony.

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